We’ve Met For A Reason

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It was 2012 when I made a big decision to move to Jakarta to continue my study in university. I have no specific imagination about the capital, all I remember is the capital is much better place to study for my bachelor degree. I flew from my hometown Pontianak, West Kalimantan, to Jakarta alone and after I landed I straight went to my boarding house. I never expected to met friends from a same hometown as me but surprisingly I met my junior high school friend and her friend on that day.

Year by year we’ve passing our times on university life, I don’t remember exactly when, but they’ve became my new family while I’m in Jakarta. Perhaps it is because we’re sharing same thoughts about living far away from families or we’re comer from another area or we’re living in the same boarding house or we’re studied in the same university or we’re spoke with our characteristic accent of Bahasa Indonesia. But one thing that I’m sure is we’re taking care each other just like family do.

To me a family relationship is not just only a bond by our DNA but it’s how we can share lots of our common in a place that we’re far away from home and it makes us feels like home.

I do believe we’ve met for a reason, the first reason I found is we are family.

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