The Reason Why I’m Into Self Development Topics And How To Start Dive Into It

Self development is like a right key for a door hole for me to know and expand my perspective about this topic.
Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash

Recently I found myself enjoy consuming about self development topics, I have no idea when it actually started. At first I thought something related to self development topics were meant to people with some struggles with their lives but I was wrong. The more I dig about self development, I found lots of interesting topics, not only for treating anxiety, yes my old me was thinking self development topics are about anxiety only.

Luckily I have expanded my view about this interesting part of human being. It is just like a right key for a door hole for me to know about this topics. Self development turns out has guided & shaped me into the person I’m now. From the books, videos or articles I read about, I’m lucky I can change my perspective about this topic.

For me, my favorite topics about self development is about productivity. I am amazed by how many people in this world could maximized their time for their passion or the work they do and also impressed about techniques they develop and share it to the world.

Also by digging more about self development, it teach me more about exploring more about myself and my relationship with people around me. One of the easiest way to do it – and free – is journaling. It is mindblowing just doing some simple thing could give big positive impact to myself and it makes me aware about myself, people around me and environment.

If you want to start to dive into self development topics and don’t know where to start, you might be want to ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. What part of your life you want to improve? Is it time management? Financial? How to (think creative, communication, relationship etc)
  2. Do you have a public figure that you like? They can be the best role model for you to improve your life.
  3. You like reading? Medium, verywellmind, flipboard or amazon kindle could be your first place to start.
  4. You prefer watching video? YouTube is the best source about self development! These are some my favorite channels, Pick Up Limes , Matt D’Avella or TEDx Talks
  5. Or you like to listen? Podcast on Spotify or audiobook from Blinkists and Audible are already in your hand, plus you can still do multitasking while you listening to it.

Now you have read this simple article about why I’m into this kind of topic, I hope you can as enjoy as me read, watch or listen to it. Keep improving and have a great day!

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